Indie publisher Raw Fury served up a study in contrasts at the PC Gaming Show at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Its two new titles, Night Call and Sable, both have memorable aesthetics, but the former plays with a black-and-white look while the latter is bursting with color.

Developers Monkey Moon and BlackMuffin Studio teamed up on Night Call, a hardboiled narrative adventure from the perspective of a Parisian cab driver. As you drive your customers around, you hear about a series of unsolved murders. And you’ll be able to interact with them and potentially influence the way events unfold.

While Night Call feels claustrophobic, Shedworks’ Sable is all about the freedom of exploration. It’s a colorful coming-of-age game with stunning artwork that’s inspired by Studio Ghibli and has shimmering flat hues reminiscent of graphic novels.

“Sable is an open-world desert exploration game, it’s not a game about combat or leveling up, it’s a game about solitude and exploration,” said Shedworks cofounder¬†Gregorios Kythreotis. “You play as Sable, a girl leaving her home to explore this world filled with monumental architecture, fallen spaceships, and you travel around on your hoverbike learning about the people, the culture, and history of this world.”