Coffee Stain Studios showed off gameplay from its upcoming game, Satisfactory, at the PC Gaming Show at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Players will be able to sign up for a closed alpha, which is coming in a few months. People can go it alone or they can play co-op with friends through a local server.

Satisfactory makes an alien planet your playground. You’re an engineer tasked with building an enormous structure, and to do so, you’ll have to mine resources, develop infrastructure, and set up factories. Very quickly, your manufacturing empire will balloon and take over your surrounding environment, especially since you’ll have to raze trees and gather materials from all corners of the map.

Unlike other simulator games, Satisfactory eschews a top-down view, instead giving players a first-person perspective.

“We wanted it to feel like the player’s the one building the stuff,” said Coffee Stain lead designer Oscar Jilsén. “When you’ve built a bunch of stuff, you can see these enormous buildings, structures towering above you. But also when you go out to explore, you’ll be the one going out into the underbrush.”

Goat Simulator sold more than 2.5 million copies, and Coffee Stain has used the profits to invest in other devs, such as Lavapotion in April 2017 and acquiring a majority stake in Gone North Games, which is now Coffee Stain North.