The pirate game Skull & Bones set sail on Ubisoft’s stage. The developer showed off a new trailer at its Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event with more details on what it’s like to be a scourge of the Seven Seas.

The new trailer showed pirates skirmishing with the British Empire and seizing loot. Ubisoft Singapore creative director Justin Farren says that “there are no heroes” in the world of Skull & Bones. But players will find plenty of opportunity.

“Piracy is dead in the Caribbean. The Empire is crushing all those opposing them,” said Farren. “So your next big score: The Indian Ocean, home to the richest trade routes in the world.”

Skull & Bones has a more realistic aesthetic than Rare’s Sea of Thieves. Players can go solo or with a group of friends, and each person has their own ship to command.

To increase their odds of success, players can consult a fortuneteller to get information about how alliances have shifted, weather forecasts, and the trade routes themselves. All of these are ever-changing. At the hideout, players will also be able to recruit crew, buy gear and cannons, and customize their ships.

While patrolling the ocean, players will have have to choose their opponents carefully and use their wits to outsmart enemies. Players can disguise themselves as merchant ships before striking. And to separate a gold-laden frigate from its treasures, they might have to team up with allies. As the trailer says: “In a dog-eat-dog world, we were wolves. And wolves hunt in packs.”