Explosm’s popular webcomic Cyanide & Happiness is getting the battle royale treatment. Developer Galvanic Games and publisher TinyBuild are making Rapture Rejects, a last-player-standing game that’s a cartoony take on the popular new trend. They debuted the trailer at the PC Gaming Show event before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), and players can sign up now for an alpha that’s coming at a to-be-determined date.

Rapture Rejects’s title explains the premise: You’re one of the people left behind on Earth after all the righteous and worthy have been accepted into Heaven. But hey, maybe if you kill everyone else, you’ll be able to earn your way through the pearly gates.

Like other battle royale games, Rapture Rejects is all about finding weapons and taking down opponents. But it differentiates itself with its 2D, top-down aesthetic and its sense of humor.

“Rapture Rejects takes the battle royale genre, gets rid of the boring military stuff, and introduces a Worms-esque armory of insane weapons and over the top violent animation,” said Cyanide & Happiness co-creator Rob DenBleyker. “Also, Satan is there.”