Tripwire Interactive is getting into the business of indie game publishing — and its first title is Blindside Interactive’s Maneater, which takes place in the shark-infested waters of the Gulf Coast. But players won’t have to fear, because they’ll be playing as the predator, not the prey.

Tripwire president John Gibson took the stage at the PC Gaming Show ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo today to show off Maneater’s first-ever trailer. He also described its single-player campaign, which you “eat your way through.” The game is an open-world action role-playing game, and players will have the chance to upgrade their abilities to become the ultimate shark by making their way through a skill tree.

It’s not the first time Blindside has waded into the deep seas. The studio developed Depth, the asymmetrical multiplayer game where players split up into two teams — divers or sharks — and duke it out.