The arcade hit Killer Queen is finally coming to home video for the first time on Nintendo’s Switch and the PC with Killer Queen Black, we learned today during the company’s Direct livestream at the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

This is an eight-player game where one person on each team takes on the role of the queen and all other players act as their drones. Then each team fights to take out the other side. You can see the game in action for the Switch in the trailer below. It supports online play, too.

Check it out:

“As lifelong arcade-goers, the phenomena that Killer Queen has become has been incredible to experience,” Liquid Bit cofounder Matt Tesch said. “Bringing the game to Nintendo Switch and PC is surreal and we’re eagerly anticipating watching new competitors battle for the Black team.”

Killer Queen first debuted in the arcade in 2013 with 16-bit-style visuals. It quickly gained a cult following.