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Ronald Butler, CEO announces a patent filing with inventors Dr. Dale Brown, PhD CTO and Dr. Ira Hill, PhD Founder and Chairman. WhiteHill Life Sciences’ new patent filing is under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), PCT/US2018/034296, titled: “Synergistic Compositions and Methods of Achieving Homeostasis in Mammalian Systems.”

The patent application relates to:

  • a composition of matter useful for treating homeostatic malfunction and subsequent resulting conditions.
  • the disclosure of unexpected synergies created by certain mixtures that increase the nature and function of those mixtures over any of the ingredients alone.
  • formulating a synergistic agent to return mammalian systems to normal set point conditions, i.e., homeostasis, across a surprising number of expressions of non-homeostasis, such as pain and inflammation.

WhiteHill is seeking commercialization partners interested in stem cells, pruritis, oral mucosa, radiation dermatitis, pain relief, Sjogren’s, scars, and other areas in need of reset to homeostasis. The utility of this patent is not limited to the above, but includes delivery through the skin, oral mucosa, sinuses and the gastro intestinal tract with the potential of combining with OTC remedies.

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About WhiteHill Life Sciences, LLC:

Established in 1986, WhiteHill is a developer and manufacturer for major national and international consumer products companies. WhiteHill’s highly skilled team, excellent record with Good Manufacturing Practices protocol, and innovative solutions have established long term business -to -business relationships in oral care, health care, and health and beauty segments.

WhiteHill recently completed the acquisition of H & H, LLC, a startup that creates products for those who suffer from the disorder of dry mouth, a condition according to the ADA that affects as much as 64.8% of the US population or over 211 million people in the U.S. alone. Hydralief™ brand dry mouth products will soon be available via ecommerce and direct-to-consumer.

About the PCT:

By filing one international patent application under the PCT, applicants can simultaneously seek protection for an invention in over 150 countries. To learn more, visit the PCT website at

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