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For the past couple of years, a small team at Archiact had one goal: to create the best first-person shooter in virtual reality.

The result is Evasion, a sci-fi cooperative action game coming to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR in fall 2018. With its customizable movement options and hectic, class-based gameplay, Evasion represents the next evolution of the genre — one that rivals the triple-A shooters typically found on PC and consoles. It looks so good that it’s hard to believe that only 25 people are working on it.

But as Archiact told us during a recent trip to its Vancouver office, being small has its advantages. It allows them to act quickly in the development process and figure out which mechanics are fun to use. That kind of agility is important in the still-nascent VR gaming industry, where developers have to re-learn everything they thought they knew about game design.

Watch our video below to find out more about the making of Evasion, and what Archiact hopes players will take away from the game.

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