Over a year after its last update, Apple’s music-making app GarageBand has been bumped to version 10.3, and there are some treats inside for Mac users. Previously paid guitar and piano lessons by famous musicians are now being offered for free, two new AI drummers have been added, and tons of new sounds are available, as well.

The most interesting change is expansion of the Artist Lessons feature, which previously sold instrument instruction videos by artists including Sting and John Legend for $4.99 each in 20 countries. Now, the videos are available in over 150 countries, and being offered for free as an outreach to educators. While Sting’s iconic song “Roxanne” has disappeared from the collection, John Legend’s “Ordinary People” remains, alongside lessons from Death Cab for Cutie, Colbie Caillat, Rush, Fall Out Boy, OneRepublic, Norah Jones, and others.

From the iOS version of GarageBand, Apple has brought Mac users the ability to play traditional Chinese and Japanese instruments ranging from Guzheng and Koto to Taiko drums. Two new AI drummers have been added in Jazz and Roots styles, along with 1,000 new electronic and urban loops, plus 400 animal, machine, and voice sound effects.

GarageBand 10.3 is available now as a free download from the Mac App Store. Users of 10.2, the prior version, who are on Apple’s latest macOS Mojave beta may not be shown the update option in the new Mojave version of the Mac App Store, but deleting and reinstalling the app works to bring 10.3 to Mojave.