Ready At Dawn Studios’ new virtual reality team shooter Echo Combat is now available in open beta. It will be free to download for the Oculust Rift and the beta will run until 10 a.m. Pacific on June 24.

Echo Combat is Ready At Dawn’s latest zero-gravity experience, and takes place in the same universe as its free multiplayer hit Echo Arena and its solo narrative adventure Lone Echo, which has sold over 25,000 copies and made over $1 million. It introduces shooting into the equation, arming players with guns and special abilities (like the power to create a shield) as they split up into teams and skirmish over a payload.

For folks who may struggle in VR experiences with zero-G and free-roaming (that would be me), a hands-on demo of Echo Combat was surprisingly comfortable and didn’t lead to the usual lightheadedness that I’ve come to expect from these types of games.

In addition to the open beta, Ready At Dawn is launching Echo VR, which is a lobby where players can congregate to matchmake for either Echo Arena or Echo Combat.