The Gentlebros’ feline action role-playing game Cat Quest is getting a sequel — and this time, man’s best friend will be kitty’s best friend as well. Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire will feature a canine sidekick, as well as a co-op mode for two players. The developer is once again teaming up with publisher PQube, and the game will be out in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

The 2017 Cat Quest was a single-player romp through the land of Felingard and featured plenty of puns, like the fearsome Lovecraftian Cathulhu, as its hero journeyed to rescue his sister from the mysterious Drakoth. Its followup seems to promise much the same, featuring a similar colorful overworld, but it will add in new weapons, spells, and the two-player mode. It will also include a new system of passive abilities, which players can mix and match for different effects.

Cat Quest II raises the stakes: Felingard is at war with The Lupus Empire, and the two protagonists are rivals who must come together to try to broker peace. It’s a┬áplot seems a touch more serious than its prequel, but if the first game is any indication, The Gentlebros likely had fun with the genre tropes. And they probably included lots of cat puns.