The speedrunning marathon Summer Games Done Quick 2018 just wrapped up a week of great (and fast) gaming that streamed live on Twitch, and the event managed to raise $2,122,529 for Doctors Without Borders. That is a new record for Summer Games Done Quick.

The first SGDQ took place in 2011 and raised $21,397. The event has grown a lot since then. Last year’s marathon has earned $1,792,632.

This is not the highest total for any Games Done Quick, however. Awesome Games Done Quick takes place every January. This year’s AGDQ raised $2,294,612 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

But this is still an important milestone for Games Done Quick. This is the first time the summer marathon has raised over $2 million.

After the closing ceremony, Games Done Quick announced that AGDQ 2019 will take place in Rockville, Maryland.