As games journalists, we are experts in all things. Here at GamesBeat, I believe we are in the record books for something involving Cuphead, but I haven’t looked into that recently. But our secret shame is that maybe we aren’t great at a handful of games from the past few decades, and now we’re going to do something about that.

This is GameCrimes. It’s maybe a new video series where one person at GamesBeat tries to teach one of their colleagues how to properly play something. Consider it a rehabilitation program for the criminally awful. On this pilot episode, GamesBeat reviews editor Mike Minotti is going to teach PC gaming editor Jeffrey Grubb to play Mega Man 3. Jeff has never beaten a Mega Man game, and Mega Man 3 is Mike’s favorite game, so … expect the former to frustrate the latter.

Join us by watching below:

We’ll see you in game court.