Developer Stoic and publisher Versus Evil announced today that they’re partnering with HyperRPG (a community that focuses on livestreaming) for a four-part tabletop role-playing game series based on The Banner Saga.

The Banner Saga is a series of tactical games with hand-drawn art and a focus on Norse mythology. The first entry came out in 2014, and The Banner Saga 3 is releasing on July 24 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Although most people think of Twitch as a place to watch people play video games, tabletop streams are popular with people having watched over 625,000 hours of Dungeons & Dragon content alone in 2017, according to Twitch. This new way of experiencing tabletop games has helped increase their popularity. Video games have capitalized with popular series making tabletop versions of their adventures, including Dark Souls, Doom, and Gears of War.

This tabletop adventure will stream on Twitch. The first show will broadcast on Tuesday, July 24 from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Pacific. Subsequent episodes will follow every Tuesday.

Adam Koebel, co-author of the tabletop RPG Dungeon World, will serve as the Dungeon Master. The players include a group of influencers and personalities: Andre Meadows from Black Nerd Comedy, Trisha Hershberger from Geek & Sundry, host of ToasterGhost Dave “Lasercorn” Moss, Steve Zaragoza from The ValleyFolk, and YouTuber Shelby Grace.