Bossa Studios announced today that Surgeon Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

Surgeon Simulator has players performing intense medical procedures, but it’s not as serious as it sounds. It’s all a bit ridiculous, and you’ll even operate on aliens (or even Donald Trump). The PC versions launched in 2013. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS versions followed in 2014. The game has sold over 2 million copies, and coming to Switch could expand its audience, as the platform has a hunger for indie games.

Many indies are finding success on Nintendo’s new platform, including Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight, and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. For Bloodstained, most of its 100,000 copies sold happened on Switch.

The Switch version of Surgeon Simulator gives you the option of using the console’s Joy-Con motion controls. It will also support two-player cooperative play. Surgeon Simulator takes place in a first-person perspective. It’s a good fit for the Switch because the Joy-Cons can have you control your virtual hands inside the game.

Bossa Studios specializes in off-beat games like this. It is also behind 2015’s I Am Bread, a game that has you (yup) playing as a slice of bread. Bossa Studios is self-publishing Surgeon Simulator for Switch.