Electronic Arts’ NBA Live 19 will include women in the create-a-player feature in its career mode. The latest entry in the developer’s basketball franchise will launch on September 7 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

EA introduced the career mode, The One, in NBA Live 18. It enables players to customize their own character and work their way up from playing street ball. Now, folks will be able to play as a woman, and squads can be co-ed so that all genders can participate. The NBA Live companion app will also be updated so that women can scan their faces onto their virtual character.

The NBA Live franchise has foundered in the past, losing out to rival Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K series. NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18 both launched in September, but whereas the former debuted at the No. 2 spot, EA’s entry clung to the bottom of the top 20 at No. 17.

EA’s other sports titles, like the FIFA franchise, have been big earners for the developer. It looks like it’s working on bringing NBA Live up to par, first with the addition of its The One story mode and now with more inclusive options for character creation, which NBA 2K doesn’t have.