Mobile and PC game publisher Nexon announced today that it is bringing Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed to Japan.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is the No. 658 ranked game in South Korea’s iOS App Store, according to App Annie. It is not ranked in the U.S. iOS App Store. It has 10 million downloads worldwide, according to Nexon, which is a pretty good showing for the long-lived hack-‘n’-slash series’ mobile debut.

Unleashed is out in 139 other regions, including the U.S. and South Korea. It launched in March 2017. Dynasty Warriors is a series made in Japan, so it’s odd that it has taken Unleashed this long to reach that territory. The Japanese launch could be a big boost for download numbers.

Unleased is a mobile take on Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends. Like most games in the series, it focuses on hack-‘n’-slash combat against giant hordes of enemies. The series started in 1997 on the original PlayStation. It has had dozens of sequels and spin-offs since then, but they’re all been on consoles and PC.