Little known fact: Legendary stealth series Thief once had a VR demo, but it never materialized into a full game. Hopefully, Unknightly can fill the void the series has left behind.

It’s fitting that this experience from Portal Studios is a stealth game, because it slipped right by us when it launched in Steam Early Access late last year. Still, it’s just received its fifth major update, so that warrants another look.

Set in medieval times, Unknightly casts you as the former member of the Knight’s Order who was betrayed and locked away. You set out on a revenge mission, looking to learn who turned you in and then to get even with them. That’s done by sneaking around levels, distracting guards with noises and staying hidden in the shadows.

With its latest update, Unknightly gets even closer to the original Thief, though. For starters, it introduces a bow and arrow. That’s a staple of a lot of VR games, but here it can be used for silent takedowns and even to take out lights with a water arrow. You can see it in action in the trailer above.

Sticking with light manipulation, you’re now able to snuff out other lights, too. We’re particularly fond of the ability to snuff candles by waving your hand over the flame to create some much-needed cover.

Elsewhere, this update introduces loot, a manual save and load system, and a bunch of smaller tweaks including changes to guard design and performance optimization.

Unknightly is available for $19.99 on Rift and Vive via Early Access, though there’s no word on when the full version will be launching just yet.

This story originally appeared on Copyright 2018