We’ve seen a few story trailers for Red Dead Redemption 2, but we haven’t had a good look at the gameplay for Rockstar’s upcoming open-world game. Rockstar remedied that today by releasing a new video that gives us a better idea of how Red Dead Redemption 2 will actually play when it comes out on October 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The first Red Dead Redemption came out in 2010. It was one of that generation’s most acclaimed and best-selling games, shipping over 15 million copies. Expectations are high for the sequel.

You can watch the gameplay video above. It shows off the impressive, open landscapes of the American frontier. We also get a look at hand-to-hand fighting and gunplay. The game’s world contains frontier towns, swampland, and deserts.

We see interesting systems, including the ability to intimidate witnesses into silence. We also learn that a camp will serve as the home base for Arthur Morgan, the player character. Rockstar is also touting player choice, with people having the ability to address situations in multiple ways. The video promises that the game’s arsenal of weapons will have realistic reload and recoil.

Your treatment of your horse is also an important part of the game. Different horses have different temperaments, and treating your steed better will make it easier to control. A future gameplay video will reveal more information on missions and the return of the Dead Eye system, a feature from the first Red Dead Redemption that lets players auto-target enemies.

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