QuakeCon is happening in Texas this weekend, and Bethesda kicked off the fan gathering by letting developer id Software show off its upcoming shooter Doom Eternal. This is the followup to 2016’s Doom reboot, and it continues that story by bringing the hell demons to Earth.

Doom Eternal first debuted at the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in Los Angeles in June, but id Software used QuakeCon to finally unveil actual gameplay footage. During the lengthy presentation, id showed off new weapons, locations, and features over the course of three trailers. As you might expect, the studio is leaning into what worked for Doom 2016, which is the movement and the feel of the weapons.

You can watch the entire half-hour presentation below. The first of the three trailers takes place on Earth and focuses on dash movement, the extendable blade, and the Super Shotgun Meat Hook, which are all new. The second gameplay video amps up the action with a series of combo attacks that have the Doom Slayer zipping back and forth and up and down the map. The final gameplay video takes the Doom Slayer to the Martian moon of Phobos.

Check it out:

Doom Eternal didn’t get a release date, but id Software did confirm that it will hit PC and consoles — and that includes the Nintendo Switch. Port studio Panic Button, which has a lot of expertise working with the Switch and the idTech development engine after porting Wolfenstein II and Doom 2016 to Switch, is handling the Switch version.