Developer OtherSide Entertainment announced today that Underworld: Ascendant is launching for PC on November 15. It will cost $30.

The role-playing game is a spiritual successor to the Ultima Underworld series, a big innovator in first-person RPGs. It was one of the first 3D first-person games ever. Underworld: Ascendant received crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where it raised over 860,000 in 2015.

OtherSide Entertainment is also working on console releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. Those versions will come out next year.

OtherSide has offices in Boston and Austin. Paul Neurath and Warren Spector, two men that both worked on Ultima Underworld, founded the company. Classic computer RPGs have been coming back in a big way. Ultima: Underworld is getting a spiritual success, and other series (like The Bard’s Tale and System Shock) are getting sequels.

Underworld: Ascendant has players exploring dungeons and encourages them to solve problems their own way, using agility, magic, brute strength, or creative thinking. 505 Games is publishing the title. The company has published games like the first-person shooter Payday 2 and the action RPG Portal Knights.

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