Deep Silver announced today that Saints Row: The Third is getting a port to Switch in 2019. The open-world game first came out in 2011.

Saints Row: The Third is like a more over-the-top version of Grand Theft Auto. It was a hit that sold over 5.5 million copies, and now the game is getting new life on Nintendo’s hit console.

Switch has become a happy home for Nintendo exclusives, indies, and ports of older games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (which also first came out in 2011). But Saints Row: The Third can fill in a segment, the Grand Theft Auto-like open-world game, that is barren on the platform.

The Saints Row series started off as a more sincere Grand Theft Auto competitor when the first game came out in 2006, but the franchise became more ridiculous with each new installment. The last game, 2013’s Saints Row IV, straight up gives players super powers (you’re also the President of the United States).

Deep Silver Fishlabs is working on this Switch port of Saints Row: The Thirds. Deep Silver acquired the Hamburg, Germany-based company in 2013. Fishlabs created the Galaxy on Fire series of space trading and combat simulation games.