Publisher Perfect World Entertainment is reviving the Torchlight franchise with a third entry in the series. Earlier this month, the company announced that Torchlight Frontiers is launching for PC and consoles in 2019, but now it is already showing off some gameplay.

Torchlight continues the action role-playing adventure that fans experienced in Torchlight I and its sequel. Frontiers takes place in the same universe and is bringing back many of the elements that many people enjoyed in its predecessors. But developer Echtra Games is also building on that foundation to make a sequel that looks even more exciting.

Echtra is spending this week showing Torchlight Frontiers off at the Gamescom fan event in Cologne, Germany, but you can see it in action for yourself in the trailer below:

Frontiers still looks like a Torchlight game, but Echtra seems like it is leaning into the colorful characters and world. Because the combat in an ARPG can often feel simple or rote, the animation, art, and environment do a lot to immerse players into the action. And based on the gameplay trailer, Echtra is building a game that is brimming with visual character.

Of course, this new Torchlight isn’t from Runic Games. That studio closed in November. But following that closure, Perfect World acquired the property. It has now turned to Runic cofounder and former Blizzard North boss Max Schaefer (one of the people behind Diablo) to bring the franchise back to life at Echtra.

After Gamescom, Torchlight Frontiers is heading to PAX West, so I’ll try to go hands on with it then because Germany is too far away.

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