U Network aims to be the NO.1 public blockchain within the content sector. Based on an open and open-sourced model, U Network and its technical community have rapid iteration. The testnet officially launched on Aug 20, 2018. Now everyone can build his own testing environment and join U Network’s testing.

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U Network (UUU) Testnet Officially Released (Graphic: Business Wire)

U Network (UUU) Testnet Officially Released (Graphic: Business Wire)

Testnet release signifies that U Network public blockchain’s infrastructure has begun to take shape and the public blockchain’s research and development has entered a new phase. This is an important step in the transition to U Network mainnet. During this period, U Network team encourages all blockchain enthusiasts to participate in the testing and provide valuable opinions.

Currently, U Network public blockchain modules include Distributed Ledger, P2P Network, Modular Consensus Protocol, and Storage. The main features of U Network include national crypto standard, highly optimized transaction processing speed, scalable lightweight universal smart contracts, node access control, P2P link layer encryption, multiple consensus algorithm support, configurable block generation time and configurable digital currency incentive, etc. Distributed storage and file sharing solutions based on IPFS/Genaro and the cross-chain interactive protocols are still in progress.

In addition, DApp testing data has been successfully recorded on U Network blockchain. U Network team has also completed most components of the public blockchain, including U Network Blockchain Browser, U Network Wallet and U Network One-Key Token Release feature. You can visit for the full experience.

U Network has also launched U Talk technical community. U Talk community is committed to building the first blockchain technology community that brings together China’s strength, aiming to connect the world’s top blockchain technology and to bring better and more cutting-edge information and real knowledge sharing to the Chinese blockchain developer industry.

About U Network:

U Network (UUU) is a revolutionary protocol for publishing and valuing online content that helps online content platforms better align with the interests of their users. It does this by rewarding content creators more for their work, by letting users earn money for predicting popular content, by making it easier to discover high-quality content, and by allowing all users to be part of content moderation and governance decisions.

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