After a 24 year hiatus, Streets of Rage is back. Dotemu, a publisher that specializes in classic games, announced today that it is working with developers Lizard Cube and Guard Crush Games on Streets of Rage 4, a new entry in Sega’s classic beat-’em-up franchise. You can watch the debut trailer above.

The first Streets of Rage came out for the Sega Genesis in 1991. It had two sequels, ending with Streets of Rage 3 in 1994. The games stood out with their punk aesthetics and catchy soundtracks. The franchise was a Sega staple during the 16-bit era, but it never lived beyond on it (until now).

Sega published the original games and owns the rights to the franchise. It has licensed the IP to Dotemu for Streets of Rage 4.

Dotemu and Lizard Cube worked before on Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, a 2017 remake of the classic side-scroller Wonder Boy III that replaced the original’s sprites with gorgeous hand-drawn art. Streets of Rage 4 is a similar style. Guard Crush Games made Streets of Fury, a 2009 beat ’em up inspired by Streets of Rage.

Streets of Rage 4 does not have a release date.

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