Streamers and content creators that fear audio-engineering tools have a new, more compact option from Blue Microphones. The company, which is now a subsidiary of Logitech, has introduced the Yeti Nano USB mic for $100. This is a slimmed down version of the Yeti that Blue made to maintain the quality and ease-of-use while saving creators space on their desks.

“With Yeti Nano, content producers can easily record and stream with the signature studio-quality sound of Yeti, in a new compact and streamlined design that fits in perfectly on any desktop,” Blue Microphones product management boss Tommy Edwards said. “Whether you’re gaming, making a business call, or recording something new, you’ll be heard loud and clear with incredible sound quality, every time.”

I’ve spent some time with the Nano, and I’ll have a review soon. So far, I think it looks cool and sounds great. It’s ideally suited for performers on YouTube or broadcasters on Twitch. And it’s not just because of its reduced form factor — although that is great, and I really like the stand that it comes with.

But the Nano is excellent for people who play games on livestreams because of its excellent hypercardioid recording pattern that only picks up sound from one direction. That means if you have a loud computer on your desk, you can put the mic between you and that PC and still get relatively clean-sounding audio.

The Nano can also record in an omnidirectional pattern at the push of a button. It includes mic monitoring so you can hear what you sound like as well as easy volume and mute controls.

If you already have a Yeti, you may not need to upgrade to this. But the Nano is launching right at a time when more people may want to start streaming games like Fortnite, and Blue’s latest product is a quick and effective way to improve the quality of that content. That’s where a device like this could thrive in the market.

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