Nintendo announced today during its Nindies stream that Towerfall is coming to Switch on September 27. It will include playable characters from developer Matt Makes Games recent hit Celeste, a 2D platformer about climbing a mountain and facing your self-doubt.

Towerfall launched in 2013 for Ouya (of all things). Switch has become a hotbed for indie games, so Towerfall could heavily expand its audience on the system. The Switch version will include all of the expansions released for Towerfall after its launch.

Towerfall is a competitive multiplayer game. Players fight with bows and arrow in a 2D world with pixelated graphics. Its focus on multiplayer could make it a great fit for the Switch, which can be played on a TV or as a portable console. Friends can gather around the same screen or play on their own systems.

The Switch version will include Celeste’s Madeline and her shadow as playable characters.