Radial Games released its subway-based puzzle game Mini Metro on Switch today. This version of the indie PC/mobile hit includes an exclusive multiplayer mode. Mini Metro is available digitally on Switch for $10.

Mini Metro first released for PC in 2015, with a mobile version following in 2016. The game has players designing their own metro systems, giving them a taste of city-planning. The indie studio Dinosaur Polo Club developed and published the original release, but it has teamed up with Radial Games for the Switch version.

Switch has become a hotbed for indie games, with titles like Celeste and Dead Cells becoming big hits on Nintendo’s newest system. Many indie games, like Mini Metro, are coming to Switch before other console platforms. The strategy game Into the Breach made a similar debut on August 28.

This Switch release could expand Mini Metro’s audience by a wide margin. The addition of a new, exclusive multiplayer mode can also encourage those who already own the game on PC or mobile to double dip with the Switch version.