2K Games announced today that Civilization VI is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 16. This is the first time a Civilization game is coming to a home console since the release of Civilization Revolution in 2008, which was designed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was a simplified take on the series that did not have a PC release.

Civilization VI launched for PC in October 2016, with an iPad version following on December 2017. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One do not have Civilization VI. In fact, this will be the first time a numbered entry in the Civilization series has come to a console since Civilization II had a port on the original PlayStation in 1999.

The turn-based strategy game has been a big hit, with sales surpassing its predecessor, Civilization V. The release of a Switch version will help the game find an even larger audience. The Switch could be an ideal platform for the game. It’s portability makes it a nice fit for strategy games, since you can play a few turns here or there at your leisure. The Switch also has a touchscreen, which could make it easier to control a complex, map-based game like Civilization VI.

The Switch version will come with four content packs that add scenarios and civilizations based on Vikings, Poland, Australia, and Persia/Macedon.

2K games has been supporting Switch by releasing some of its sports games on the system, including NBA 2K19 (which comes out on September 11). This Civilization VI announcement shows an even stronger commitment to Nintendo’s hit console.