The Wii U was a great beta test for the Switch, but now Nintendo is releasing all of its games for that system on its real console. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is the latest to get this treatment. During the Nintendo Direct video event today, the publisher revealed that the platforming adventure that originally launched in 2012 is getting another chance to win over fans.

New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe launches January 11. It features new playable characters Toadette and Nabitt. The original only had Mario, Luigi, and two Toads, so you get six total playable heroes this time around.

A ‘core’ Mario

New Super Mario Bros. U is the fourth game in the New Super Mario Bros. series that started in 2006 on the DS. It is the first high-definition core Mario game, and some people think it is the best Mario game ever made. That’s wrong. It is only the second best New Super Mario Bros. after the one for Wii.

But New Super Mario Bros. U is a great game. It introduced four-player cooperative multiplayer to Mario platformers. That made it excellent for parties. But the mode was fast and frantic enough that it was easy to get frustrated and give up. As far as 2D cooperative multiplayer platformers go, Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins were far more accessible to a wider audience of players.

For solo players, however, New Super Mario Bros. U was even better. It features challenging stages with lots of creativity and variety. Mario can get the flying squirrel suit. Luigi even got his own DLC.

Second chance

In 2012, however, the Wii U fizzled almost immediately. It was a confusing launch that general consumers mistook as a gimmick controller for the Wii. That made it easy for fans to ignore New Super Mario Bros. U. But Nintendo didn’t do a lot to help the game. It was the fourth Mario game in a row to use the New-style of art. And while I don’t hate the way those games look, it is the most generic-looking 2D Mario ever.

So while fans were burnt out on New Super Mario Bros. and weren’t interested in the Wii U, the Switch has already outsold its predecessor in fewer than 18 months. And now the Switch has a massive game-thirsty audience that never played games on the Wii U. And New Super Mario Bros. U has another chance to win them over.