It’s time for another Nintendo Direct video event today at 3 p.m. Pacific time. This is one of Nintendo’s streaming presentations. This time, it is focusing on the 3DS and Switch systems. That’s unlike many of the recent game-specific Nintendo Directs. But I bet we will still get plenty of new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate info as well.

You can catch the Nintendo Direct above.

What to expect from the Nintendo Direct

Nintendo will surely cover its previously revealed holiday games like Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee and Let’s Go, Pikachu as well as the aforementioned Smash Bros. But expect the publisher to also fill in some of its gaps for later this year and early next year with previously unannounced releases.

The name for Yoshi’s Crafted World already leaked last week, but rumors are swirling about New Super Mario Bros. U getting a port for the Switch. Nintendo may also share information about its Fire Emblem: Three Kingdoms tactical strategy game, which is coming to Switch at some point next year. If things get really wild, I bet Metroid Prime 4 and some other Metroid announcements could make their way into this Direct.

Nintendo Switch Online

But Nintendo is also going to use this broadcast as a launchpad for its online service. Nintendo Switch Online, as it is called, launches September 18. That’s a mere five days away. The publisher is planning to release the 6.0.0 Switch firmware update, and that will enable people to access the premium networking service.

For $20 per year, Nintendo Switch Online will give players access to online multiplayer in games like Splatoon 2. You will also get cloud saves. Nintendo has drawn some ire from fans, however, because its cloud saves won’t work with every game. It is excluding Splatoon 2, for example. The company says it is worried about cheating and other problems.

In addition to online multiplayer, Nintendo Switch Online will also have a library of classic NES games. For the first time ever, Nintendo is updating many of its 8-bit classics with online multiplayer.

But while all of that is interesting, none of it matters if we don’t get a new Animal Crossing.