PC component manufacturer NZXT has spend the last couple of years expanding its lineup of products. It has also worked to establish its BLD service to simplify the process of buying a custom PC in the United States. But now that it has gained recognition in categories like motherboards, coolers, and cases, it is focusing on bringing BLD to a new territory: Canada.

This is a big step for NZXT and BLD, but the company is also looking to continue growing into other regions as well.

“Expanding into Canada is the obvious next step for BLD,” NZXT founder and chief executive Johnny Hou said. “Since we launched BLD, we have received countless questions about when BLD is going to be available internationally. That is why we are excited to bring BLD to Canada. It marks the first step in our goal of making PC gaming easily accessible to gamers around the world.”

BLD wants to eliminate the guess work of building a PC. To assemble your custom machine, BLD doesn’t start by asking about components. Instead, it asks what games you want to play. You can select three releases from a list along with resolution you want to play at. Then BLD gives you a suggested part list based on your budget. You can fine tune your selection to get the performance and appearance you want.

Above: The process is simple and slick.

As you would expect, NZXT’s parts are featured throughout the process. BLD will often default to them, but you can easily select another part from other manufacturers to save money.

When you have the rig that does what you want at the price you want to pay, BLD assembles it and ships it within 48 hours. That’s pretty fast, but BLD also has an option to pay $100 to get priority treatment with same-day building and shipping.

The biggest drawback for Canadian consumers is that BLD will continue to list prices in U.S. dollars. At checkout, you will have to pay the current exchange rate. As is standard with international products, Canadians will likely have to pay a bit more than their American counterparts.

But hey, at least you can get a custom-built PC in the excellent H500i case from NZXT. Ya lucky hosers.