Marvel’s Spider-Man sold 3.3. million copies copies in its first three days, according to USA Today. The open-world superhero game came out on September 7 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

This topples God of War, another PS4 exclusive, to claim the record for best three day debut a Sony first-party game. That action game came out earlier this year, on April 20.

Sony has invested heavily in triple-A exclusives, and it’s paying off. These games are selling like crazy, which in turn helps sell PlayStation 4 consoles. It’s a different strategy from Microsoft, which doesn’t have as many high-profile exclusives for its Xbox One. Microsoft instead touts is platform’s performance, features, and third-party games. Xbox One does have exclusives, notably the Forza and Halo franchises.

All three of the current consoles — PS4, Xbox One, and Switch — are doing well. In the U.S. last month, they practically tied in terms of dollar sales. But for September, Spider-Man’s strong performance could give the PS4 a healthy lead. Its impact should carry over into the lucrative holiday season.

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