When you finish the 105 missions in the single-player campaign for Red Dead Redemption 2, you’re bound to make some embarrassing mistakes. I’ve finished it, and I am not to proud to say I had many bloopers along the way.

It made me wish that I could rewind time just a little bit — like when you crash a car in a race and can rewind the gameplay to just before the crash. But that’s not possible in Red Dead so I made many regrettable mistakes. Like when I shot a dog accidentally during a preview, bringing down the wrath of an entire town upon me.

So much of the game involves long rides, and fast travel doesn’t work well. So, you get bored and try to do things fast, and that results in hilarious mistakes.

I’ve chronicled a bunch of my bloopers in a reel for posterity. Check them out below. I hope you enjoy them. As I have noted before, I’m not sure it’s a great idea to make the game so physically accurate. If you run into a sizable rock while riding your horse, you won’t jump over it. Rather, your horse will run into it, and you will go flying. Of course, to complicate matters, Rockstar’s developers put a ton of rocks in the scenery so that it’s a darn obstacle course sometimes.

I’ve enjoyed the game, but the bloopers remind me not to take it so seriously all the time.