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Arthur Morgan, the main character of Red Dead Redemption 2, has a lot of dreams while he rests between the action scenes of Rockstar Games‘ epic Western.

He sees a wolf, staring directly at the camera, in one scene. And he dreams multiple times about a deer, moving in slow motion with slow, twangy music.

I’ve been wondering about what these dreams mean and why they leave almost everything open to interpretation. Is it about the vanishing of nature in American life — or something else? The scenes are beautiful and so is the music. But surely, they must mean something more than a short respite?

If you’ve got some theories about it, please put them into the comments in the YouTube video. I’ve heard one interesting theory already. If you dream of a wolf, you’ve been bad. Your honor has been stained. If you dream of a deer, you’ve been good. You’ve done good things in the world.

But what happens if you’ve been killing a lot of deer?