Drivetime raises $4 million for voice-based trivia game for drivers

Drivetime offers voice-based social trivia games.

Image Credit: Drivetime

Yes, playing games in the car is for real, and it might not be as distracting as it sounds, according to startup Drivetime.

Drivetime has raised $4 million to provide voice-based games for drivers. The company is convinced that not only is this safe, it helps drivers by keeping them alert for longer times.

To prove that point, Drivetime also announced the launch of its first product, the Drivetime mobile app on iOS and Android (coming later), which has a voice-driven social trivia game. It’s an extension of the popularity of voice-driven smart speakers like the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo, said Niko Vuori, founder and CEO of Drivetime, in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat.