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Mixin Network just released its first global developer competition to offer a platform for all developers to show their talent. 1000 XIN, which equals to $150,000 according to current market value, will be rewarded for the winners.

The vision of Mixin Network 1st Developer Competition

Mixin Network, meaning “Mix all blockchains in one network”, has made significant progress since launch. Along with Mixin Messenger, Mixin Network now supports 13 public blockchains, over 50,000 cryptocurrencies and a variety of bots. Over 100 million transactions of crypto assets worth $50 million have been completed so far. To build a technology ecosystem, Mixin Network will be hosting its first developer competition to provide a platform for all blockchain enthusiasts and developers to show their talent. This competition will last for two months, and participants will turn in their work by Jan 4, 2019.

$150,000 Rewards for Winners

Participants will compete for the $150,000 rewards. The first prize will be 300 XIN, which equals $45,000 according to the current market value.

All participants will get advice from first-tier developers with years of programming and software development experience, including Cedric Fung, CEO, and founder of Mixin Network, Li Lin, Director of Mixin Labs, and Huo Ju, CTO of

Judges for this competition are all blockchain veterans: Jeffrey Wernick, an early Bitcoin investor who has made many successful investments in crypto; Dr. Joseph Liu, Chief Scientist of Hcash, also known as the “Godfather of Monero”; and Dr. Jiangshan Yu, Assistant Professor in cybersecurity at Monash University, will all be joining the judging panel.

About Mixin Network

Mixin Network, a free and lightning-fast peer-to-peer transactional network for digital assets, offers solutions for users who need instant transaction with a variety of tokens. Mixin Network is dedicated to building a stable and efficient transaction ecosystem starting with Mixin Messenger and OceanONE.

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