Tetris Effect, the latest take on the puzzling classic, is a bombastic, hypnotic assault on the senses, and absolutely something you should be looking to get your hands on inside PSVR. But, for all of its neon-lit glory, we couldn’t help but long for the simpler days of that classic green-ish Game Boy version.

Turns out that’s in there, too.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, there’s a secret level found inside Enhance Games’ latest that pays tribute to the version that helped Nintendo’s original handheld soar. The level unlocked after the game’s community passed a weekly goal set by the developer, known as Weekly Rituals. As the video below shows, the ‘1989’ level looks you’ve been sucked inside your handheld, with the music to fit. Give it a second and, yes, it kicks off that classic theme tune that you won’t be able to get out of your head for the next week. Sorry.

Apparently, this stage also unlocks if you reach level 50 which, based on what I’ve played, takes a heck of a long time.

In fact, watching this is a bit too entrancing. I think I’m going to have to go and play for several more hours. Sorry, productivity.

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