Thanks to a likely broken news embargo, we know that Epic Games‘s hit third-person shooter Fortnite will be getting a new mode. It’s called Creative, and it will be a sandbox mode that will encourage players to, well, get creative.

We know of the mode’s existence because a YouTube content maker called Lachlan uploaded a video showcasing it. Lachlan was part of a group of Fortnite influencers that went to Epic Game’s headquarters to try out the new mode, according to Fortnite-focused site Fortnite Intel. Lachlan’s video is now down, but sites like Fortnite Intel already scoured it for details. If you want to see the video yourself, it isn’t hard to find.

Fortnite has two main modes right now. Save the World has a team of players fighting against hordes of computer-controlled enemies. The much more popular Battle Royale mode has 100 players fight to be the last person or team standing. The latter, which is a free-to-play mode, has helped Fortnite become a huge hit on PC, mobile, and consoles. It has over 200 million players.

Creative mode will give Fortnite fans the ability to create their own experiences. You can fly around an island and make your own levels, and then you can establish rules for things like team deathmatch. You can also fiddle with settings like gravity, spawn locations, and time limits.

This announcement for Creative was likely supposed to be part of The Game Awards, which takes place on December 6.