Giant Squid, the makers of Abzû, showed off a new game called The Pathless at The Game Awards tonight.

Abzû was one of the prettiest games of 2016 when it debuted on the PlayStation 4 and Windows.

Last week, Abzû debuted on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $20. A ship sailing on foggy waters opened the trailer. It landed on a beach, and the art was quite beautiful, as I would expect from the makers of a beautiful underwater game.

A veiled archer started walking into the woods toward some kind of fiery monolith. She wore red and looked very Asian. An eagle accompanied her. She fired an arrow at a fiery monster. The eagle picked her up and they flew toward the monolith. Looks very intriguing.

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Annapurna Interactive will publish the game “about an archer and an eagle on a mythic quest in a vast forest.”

Players take the role of the Hunter, a master of archery who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world.

Players will explore a beautiful open world packed with secrets and engage in epic battles against giant corrupted spirits that lurk in the woods. The story of companionship and adventure is set to release in 2019.