Capcom announced today that Monster Hunter: World is getting some new experiences in 2019. Early in the New Year, the multiplayer role-playing game is having crossover with The Witcher that will be free to everyone. In fall 2019, Monster Hunter: World is getting its first major expansion, Iceborne.

Monster Hunter: World came out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26 of this year. A PC version released on August 9. The game has been a big hit, selling over 10 million copies around the world. Importantly, it’s helped the Monster Hunter franchise — which has long been popular in Japan — become a bigger deal in North America.

Iceborne will add new monsters, gear, quests, and locations. As you can guess from the name, it will have a snowy aesthetic.

The Witcher collaboration isn’t the first crossover for Monster Hunter: World. The game has already welcomed Final Fantasy XIV creatures into its universe. The Witcher stars a hero named Geralt, who is a monster hunter himself. The series is a natural fit for Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter had a strong debut year, but these new projects could help keep it relevant throughout 2019.

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