Grand Theft Auto Online‘s newest update, Arena War, is out today. It adds seven new game modes based around car combat.

Grand Theft Auto Online is the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V, which has sold over 100 million copies. Rockstar Games releases weekly updates for GTA Online with things like new vehicles, clothes, and game modes. Players can use in-game currency to buy new cars and fashions, but they can also boost their in-game wallet with real money. While other single-player games include multiplayer components, GTA Online stands out for giving players access to a connected open-world where they can do as they please or engage in specific activities like races. And it has helped Rockstar monetize Grand Theft Auto V long past its 2013 debut.

Arena War will look familiar to fans of the film Death Race 2000. Just like it, players compete in car-based gladiatorial combat. Or if you want a more recent film reference, think of those crazy cool cars from Mad Max: Fury Road.

The seven new multiplayer modes include Carnage, where players simply fight to be the last vehicle standing. Games Master has one team trying to collect checkpoints while the other uses the arena’s tools to try and blow them up. Here Comes the Monsters puts one team in monster trucks while the other is stuck in compact cars.

The update also adds the Arena Workshop, which helps you customize your own combat car. And, of course, Arena War adds new vehicles and clothes to buy (you can use real money to help boost your in-game wallet).

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