Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been the focus of talk in the Nintendo world since it December 7 launch for Switch. The fighting game has already become a big hit, selling 1.2 million copies in Japan alone in just three days. While most of the Smash Bros. discussion focuses on strategies, character tier lists, and online multiplayer problems, today we can look at something a bit less serious: a hilarious glitch.

As discovered by YouTuber¬†TheAfrowJow¬†in the video above, if two players using Isabelle (the mayoral assistant from Animal Crossing that’s also one of Ultimate’s new characters) try to use her fish hook ability just moments apart from each other on an Assist Trophy, than the one Isabelle will start spawning the assist character repeatedly.

Assist Trophies are items that summon characters into the match. These aren’t normal Smash Bros. roster fighters; they’re other video game stars, like Zero from Mega Man X and Waluigi from the Mario series. Typically, you summon one of them, then the character runs around (or floats … or sings … or whatever they do) for a bit before disappearing.

With this glitch, the screen fills up with assist characters. So if you ever wanted a match with hundreds of Pac-Man ghosts filling the screen, you can make that dream come true.

Nintendo releases regular patches for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so this glitch will likely be fixed. That’s almost too bad, as the circumstances for pulling this off are specific enough that you’d probably never do it unless you were trying to. So, if you want to see the glitch in action on your own game, I’d try it sooner rather than later.