It’s day three of our GamesBeat Rewind 2018 podcasts. This time we’re looking back on some more specific memories. We already did episodes for our Good and Bad Awards, now it’s time to talk about our best and worst memories.

For these awards, we picked moments that are special to us, are important to the industry, or were unavoidable bummers. That means we’ll be talking about John Maynard Keynes, dashing in Celeste, and fans starting mobs for everything.

You can listen by clicking play below or downloading the episode right here:

Our moment award categories this year:

  • Almost a good Dad
  • The three amigos get on stage together at the Game Awards
  • Neal Stephenson talks about goats
  • This is the Best Star Fox Game in Forever
  • Nostalgia is real
  • Horizontal Platforming is Cool
  • Best night out with a friend award
  • The John Maynard Keynes Memorial Award for Video Game Economics
  • The “Oh, there are good people in games” Award
  • Solving deaths in Obra Dinn
  • Getting through any section in Celeste
  • The black, gay, furry esports player moment of the year
  • VR gets its killer app
  • Everyone is here
  • Microsoft buys everyone
  • Sony’s E3 funhouse
  • Fan mobs for everything