Sony announced today that PlayStation 4 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man has now sold over 9 million copies worldwide as of November 25, 2018. Insomniac’s superhero game launched September 7.

With this milestone, Spider-Man could be the PlayStation 4’s best-performing exclusive. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End had the previous highest-sold mark, with 8.7 million copies moved as of January 7, 2017. Of course, that was some time ago, and Uncharted 4 may have moved past the 9 million mark since then. But Uncharted 4 also came out on May 10, 2016. Marvel’s Spider-Man is out-pacing it.

PlayStation 4 has now sold over 91.6 million consoles. The system has strong exclusives, including 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War, to thank for its success. The Sony press release touting these sales successes did not give an update on God of War’s numbers. That game came out on April 20, 2018 and sold 5 million copies within a month.

Our review praised Marvel’s Spider-Man as the best game ever to star the famous web-head, and we also called it one of the best games on the PlayStation 4.

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