The Humble Store announced today that Nintendo Switch and 3DS games are available to buy on its digital store. This is only available to U.S. customers.

It’s unusual to see Nintendo games on a third-party site. The Humble Store itself only sold PC games before this. These Nintendo offerings are its first console games.

When you buy a game on The Humble Store, you can choose to give a portion of the sale to charity. You can pick between multiple charities, including the American Red Cross and Child’s Play (which gives video games to kids staying in hospitals).

When you buy a Switch or 3DS game on the digital store, you’ll get a code. You then just input this code into the respective system’s in-game store to redeem your game.

The Humble Store is the more consistent part of Humble Bundle’s business. Its namesake Humble Bundles offer a rotating collection of games on a pay-what-you want basis, with you choosing how much goes to charity. The Humble Store is a more conventional digital marketplace, but it still gives money to charity.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for comment on this story. We will update if we hear back from the company.

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