Riot Games, the maker of the enormously popular League of Legends multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) PC game, has issued a new set of company values on its web site. They’re the result of some soul searching after the company was accused by many of its own employees last year of having a sexist “bro” culture.

The company said that these new values replace the company’s Manifesto from 2012 and reflects conversations with more than 1,700 Rioters about “what we want our company to be.”

The company it is committed to its employees, or Rioters, to making these values come true within the company.

“We shared these values internally within Riot a month or so ago and gave Rioters a chance to reflect on them over our holiday break. Now we’re excited to share them with the world,” the company said.

Riot said it is also planning to launch a big update to its transformation page in a week or so. In the wake of last year’s disclosures, Riot was sued by current and former employees for gender discrimination.

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