The Web quite literally wouldn’t exist without links, and companies large and small depend on them in order to bring in new sources of revenue, attract new clients, sell products and services, and do just about everything else that a company needs to do online.

But long, cumbersome links are unattractive and boring, and even shorter standard links fail to offer the kind of analytical power that companies crave in order to increase clickthrough rates.

Poplink Link Shortener offers a remarkably simple yet innovative solution to this problem, by allowing you to create fully-customized and personalized short links that provide powerful analytics, and right now a lifetime subscription is available for over 95 percent off at just $79.

Unlike most link-shortening tools that simply scrunch a longer link into a meaningless jumble of numbers and letters, Poplink Link Shortener lets you add your own domain to your links, and you’ll be able to edit them in order to display custom images and descriptions for more effective user engagement.

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This service is also a dream-come-true for digital marketers who want to increase clickthrough rates and better understand their target audience since it lets you track the performance of each link using a series of powerful yet intuitive analytical tools.

You’ll also be able to insert SEO-friendly keywords, add a pop-up on top of the link in order to drive new sources of traffic or attract potential email subscribers, customize links for individual social media sites in order to increase their effectiveness in different mediums, automatically pull in content using RSS feeds, and much more.

Don’t settle for using long and unsightly links that provide little-to-no analytical content in order to grow your brand or business. Poplink Link Shortener gets the job done far more effectively, and right now you can land a lifetime subscription for just $79- — over 95 percent off MSRP for a limited time.

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