Take-Two revealed today that lifetime sales for the NBA 2K series have “nearly” hit 90 million. The franchise’s latest entry, NBA 2K19, came out on September 11.

The news came as part of Take-Two’s third quarter financial report, where it said it sold more than 23 million copies of Red Dead Redemption 2. The publisher lists sales of NBA 2K19 (and its predecessor, NBA 2K18) as among the largest contributors to its $1.249 billion revenues for the period. NBA 2K has microtransactions, so all its players can become a consistent revenue stream.

Back in August 2018, Take-Two reported that NBA 2K sales had hit the 80 million mark. Since then, the series has sold 10 million more copies up to December 31, 2018 (the end of the third quarter financial period).

In January, Take-Two and the NBA announced an extension of their licensing deal. The $1.1 billion deal will allow Take-Two to continue publishing the NBA 2K series for another seven years.

The first NBA 2K games came out in 1999. The series has become the dominant basketball game franchise. NBA 2K’s only real competition comes from NBA Live, Electronic Arts’ basketball franchise. But those games have not been able to compete with NBA 2K commercially or critically.

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