Sony’s Shawn Layden says the VR industry is starting to move into its second generation of content.

Layden said as much during his keynote speech at this year’s DICE conference. He began by speaking about how it’s still early for the new tech, adding that “much of VR is one dot out, and it still feels experimental.”

But those experiments are laying the foundations for what’s next. “We’re starting to see progress towards VR 2.0 games and software,” Layden said. He then brought up an ever-popular example of great VR game-making: Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Sony Japan’s 2018 PSVR-exclusive platformer stole people’s hearts with its engaging gameplay and inventive use of VR.

“Astro Bot used the VR medium to redefine what a platformer could be, and to very good effect,” Layden said. “A game of this quality arriving in the first generation of a new technology helps us lay a foundation for everyone to build upon.”

Indeed, we loved Astro Bot. But, like Layden, we’re excited to see what games are built upon the template it established. PSVR is nearly three years old now and we’re hoping 2019’s slate of content will be its strongest yet. We know that Sony London Studio is working on Blood And Truth, but past that we’re not sure what else is coming to the headset this year.

Of course, we’re also excited to see what’s next for PSVR itself. In an interview published earlier this week, Layden said that the changes the headset sees over the next ten years will be dramatic.

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